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What is micro­encapsulation?

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Microencapsulation ensures that active substances are released at the right time, at the intended site and in the correct amounts, allowing efficient delivery to their targets.

Why microencapsulation?

  • Taste, odour, and colour masking (bitterness or pungency of herbs/spices)
  • Protection against light, oxidation, heat, acids or bases (vitamins and enzymes)
  • Moisture protection (hygroscopic salts or minerals)
  • High retention of volatile components (flavourings, essential oils)
  • Prevention of undesirable chemical reactions with other components (iron salts, organic acids, enzymes, catalysts)
  • Controlled/delayed release (pharma, plant protection agents, fertilizers)
  • Improved handling before or during processing (flow properties, dust formation)
  • Conversion of liquids to solids (plant oils, fats)
  • Personal protection against harmful or unpleasant materials (chemicals, pigments, flavour concentrates)
  • Improved solubility/suspendability via surface modification (emulsions, suspensions)

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