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Use of messengers such as pheromones, pyrethrins, ...

Microencapsulation ensures that active substances are released at the right time, at the intended site and in the correct amounts, allowing efficient delivery to their targets.

Why biopesticides?

Biopesticides are naturally ocurring substances that are relatively specific for their targets, unlike conventional broad spectrum pesticides that may affect organisms such as other insects, birds and mammals.

These natural products are generally less toxic than conventional pesticides, effective in small doses and decompose quickly. Biopesticides are therefore less hazardous and more environmentally friendly than most synthetic pest control agents.  -  Fotograf: Ingo Bartussek

Why encapsulate biopesticides?


These natural substances are highly effective against many pests and are more environmentally friendly compared to conventional pesticides. Pyrethrins can be formulated using micro-encapsulation to allow controlled  release over a given period of time.


These volatile substances can be used to disrupt mating behaviour of insects when applied during mating season. Disorientation of sexually mature insects can significantly reduce population size.

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