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Nutritional supplements

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Minerals, vitamins, enzymes, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, or microorganisms

Micro-encapsulation ensures that active substances are released at the right time, at the intended site and in the correct amounts, allowing efficient delivery to their targets.

Why Encapsulate?  -  Fotograf: pressmaster


 Improved palatability, flavour, absorption and digestability

(Fatty acids, plant extracts)


Protection against light, oxidation, heat, acids, or bases

(vitamins and enzymes)


Rapid dissolution in liquids due to better wettabilty of solids

Applications of micro-encapsulation in foods

The more challenging the task, the more Inovia. We work closely with you during the entire project - from concept to final product.

Instant drinks

Granulation/agglomeration of complex mixtures consisting of plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins leads to improved product properties (dust reduction, better flowability, faster solubility in liquids)


(Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)
NADH is a coenzyme involved in numerous redox reactions in cell metabolism and is chemically very unstable. Therefore, protection from conditions of low pH is of paramount importance. Micro-encapsulation with natural polymers protects against stomach acid and releases the active substance in the intestine.

Hemp oils (CBD)

Spray drying yields high-quality, micro-encapsulated hemp oils (Cannabidiol) that are ideally suited for numerous food applications (capsules/tablets, instant mixes, beverages).

Explore more applications of micro-encapsulation

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