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Animal feed

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Minerals, vitamins, enzymes, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, or microorganisms

Microencapsulation ensures that active substances are released at the right time, at the intended site and in the correct amounts, allowing efficient delivery to their targets.

Why encapsulate?  -  Fotograf: littlewolf1989


Taste, odour, and colour masking

(bitter or pungent herbs/spices)


Protection against light, oxidation, heat, acids, or bases

(vitamins and enzymes)


Controlled/delayed release of volatile components

(flavours, essential oils)

Applications for micro-
encapsulation in animal feed

Often, the goal is to enhance the smell, taste, or colour of the animal feed or to improve digestion.

We also welcome unique requests. The more challenging, the more Inovia. We work closely with you during the entire project - from concept to final product.

Essential oils

Micro-encapsulated essential oils exhibit high stability in feed mixtures. Premature evaporation of these volatile plant extracts can be minimized by encapsulation within an aroma-tight matrix, dramatically improving shelf-life of the final product.


Minerals contained in complex premixes may give rise to undesirable chemical reactions. Micro-encapsulation effectively blocks these processes.

Bitter/Pungent compounds

Plant extracts with strong sensory characteristics (bitter, pungent) can lead to reduced feed intake. Coating these components can mask problematic odour and taste in feed mixtures.

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